'Was Poland taken by surprise?'
'To some extent… But they knew something was up.' 

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I love this blog (and the history boys) so much! Do you have a link to watch the NT59 reunion?? Thankyou!

I couldn’t find one online anywhere, so I’ve uploaded it here (.abc -> .avi). If anyone has an online link please share!

“I didn’t want to turn out boys who in later life had a deep love of “literature”, or who would talk in middle age of the lure of language and their love of “words”. “Words” said in that reverential way that is somehow.. Welsh.
That’s what the tosh is for. Brief Encounter, Gracie Fields, it’s an antidote. Sheer calculated silliness.”

The History Boys by Alan Bennett.

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Love the blog, love the history boys!! Keep it up! *hugs* xxx

Thanks! I’m coming up on four years (I think) running this blog - I’m so happy people are still interested!!!

“I count examinations, even for Oxford and Cambridge, as the enemy of education. Which is not to say that I don’t regard education as the enemy of education, too.”

- Hector in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys

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Chimerica (Harold Pinter Theatre, 18 September 2013)

I went to see Chimerica for a second time during their West End transfer. It was every bit as amazing as I remembered. 

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